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Pau d'Arco (Best Herb For Candida and Sugar Cravings)

Pau d'Arco (Best Herb For Candida and Sugar Cravings)

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Pau d'Arco

The Best Herb For Candida

4 oz. Bottle/Alcohol FREE

The typical pathogen that overgrows during a period of off the wagon eating is Candida – a term that refers to a large family of yeasts (one celled fungi) that under normal circumstances, harmlessly inhabit the tissues of humans. This is because a balanced intestinal tract from mouth to colon contains a preponderance of beneficial bacteria that keep candida overgrowth in check.  

When not enough beneficial bacteria are present in a given body tissue to keep Candida under control, Candida transforms from a harmless state into an invasive species. Candida overgrowth can occur in many tissues of the body such as oral candidiasis known as thrush, the scalp as dandruff, fungus toenails, or vaginal yeast infections.  

The best herb ever used for this purpose is Pau d’arco, also known as Tabebuia. The Pau d’arco herb is derived from the inner bark of a beautiful, large tree that is native to the rainforests of Central and South America. It will grow in any warm, humid clime. Pau d’arco highly effective at repressing Candida and significantly reducing sugar cravings.  

While Pau d’arco has been used as a medicine to counteract fungal overgrowth for centuries, science is also validating these anecdotal observations.  The Brazilian Journal of Biology found in 2010 found that Tabebuia avellanedae, one tree species that is the source of the Pau d’arco herb, does indeed exert an inhibitory effect on yeasts.  

Two cautions with regard to consumption of Pau d’arco tea are to start slow to avoid Candida die-off symptoms and make sure you get the real thing. There are Pau d’arco imposters out there, so make sure the source of your herb is either the Tabebuia avellanedae tree or the Tabebuia impetiginosa tree.

 Pau d Arco Extract comes from the dried inner bark of purple-flowered Tabebuia impetiginosa trees, which is Sustainably Wildcrafted in its native habitat. To assure optimal extraction of Pau d Arcos bioactive compounds, Herb Pharm only uses the inner bark which is hand-harvested, carefully sun-dried and cleaned of adhering wood, and is then thoroughly extracted.

Shake Well Before Using

4 oz. Bottle.  Take up to 40 drops in 2oz. of water or juice, two to four times per day. Best taken between meals.


Distilled water, certified organic alcohol, vegetable glycerin and Pau d Arco extractives. GLUTEN-FREE

Potency: Dry herb / menstruum ratio: 1 : 4