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Healing Solutions Health & Nutrition

Flex-Time Private Consultations

Let's Talk About You.....Privately


Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, CHHC, AADP

Flex-Time Sessions Are Conducted Through Email or FaceBook Private Messaging.
*I am unable To Do Phone Consults At This Time* 

OPTION #1: Investigative/What's Going On With You?


Purchase 60 minutes of Investigative Flex-Time for $90.00 to discuss what's going on with you and together we will design a plan.


OPTION #2:  Supplement Review and Schedule

Purchase 30 Minutes of Flex Time For $50.00 To Discuss Supplements and Design A Supplement Schedule. 


Option #3:  Thyroid Lab Review

Purchase 30 Minutes of Flex Time For $50.00 to go over your THYROID Labs


When you purchase a Flex Time Consultation I will email you to set up our first session.