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Peppermint Tooth Powder with Whitening

Peppermint Tooth Powder with Whitening

$ 25.95

PepperMint Tooth Powder

Completely Natural Tooth Powder Uses Organic Ingredients Blended To Improve And Promote A Healthier, Cleaner And Whiter Smile


Directions: Wet your toothbrush and dip into powder. Leaves teeth fresh and clean.

The BEST All Natural Tooth Powder You'll Find!

The ingredients contained in this product have been carefully formulated to achieve the best oral health possible. Together they: bind toxins and heavy metals in your mouth and eliminate them, remineralize and nourish teeth and gums, have powerful antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, candida killing and pain reducing properties.
The oral probiotics have been shown to help maintain healthy gums and teeth by populating the oral cavity to help protect the mouth against harmful bacteria that exist in dental film buildup.   Do you often get strep throat or other upper respiratory infections, and deal with bad breath that gum and mouthwash can’t resolve? Do you struggle with tooth decay or gingivitis despite using toothpaste targeting these problems? Your oral bacteria is likely out of balance. Oral dental probiotics replenish the good bacteria in your mouth and throat to support your ability to fight infections, reduce bad breath, periodontis and prevent tooth decay.  Peppermint adds a cool mint flavor and is a strong disinfectant which reduces inflammation, increases blood circulation to carry off toxins and is highly beneficial for mouth and gum infections. Xylitol kills mouth bacteria on contact and is a known cavity preventative.


Customers Love Healing Solutions Tooth Powder

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Teri from, N.C.:  "I love this tooth powder for countless reasons and HIGHLY Recommend this brand! I work in the dental industry, know firsthand about the fluoride neurotoxicity in our environment & water ultimately affecting and poisoning our bodies. After Thyroid cancer and discovering the fluoride toxicity affecting my health, I have steadily worked towards cleaner water and environment which meant no more fluoride so knowing the importance of healthy dental practices, I've researched for options to fluoridated toothpaste. I've tried many fluoride free toothpastes but they did not leave my teeth feeling clean. Then I researched numerous fluoride free tooth powders. I have tried others but found these are the one and only all natural tooth powders that the work the best, address gum disease and gingivitis, along with clean teeth with the abrasions some tooth powders create! I've impressed my favorite hygienist in my office. Trust me, the dental professional group is hard to impress as they too have been victimized by traditional marketing and education run by agendas. I'm am seeing an increase of informed patients now avoiding fluoride treatments which I am extremely grateful to see! Thank you, Karen Dame, for contributing to my vast continued health recovery! This is the ONLY tooth powder I use and recommend!"   

James from San Diego,CA.:  "Best Toothpowder I've Ever Used."

Mary from Stamford, CT:  "My teeth have never felt cleaner."

Delaney from Jacksonville, FL.: "The gum and tooth sensitivity I was experiencing is now gone." 

Scott from Los Angeles, CA.: "My teeth are whiter and feel stronger."  

Gloria From Florida Writes: "I just got this & like how it makes my mouth feel."

Sandra From California Writes: "I was having sensitivity to hot and cold and I knew it was from lack of minerals.  The Tooth Powder has restored the minerals and I am not sensitive anymore."

Guy From New Jersey Writes: "I really like this tooth powder.  It makes my mouth feel cleaner and it's great that there are no chemicals."

Jan From Oregon Writes:  "I ordered a supplement and got a free sample of the tooth powder. When I tried it I was amazed at how much cleaner my mouth felt, compared to regular toothpaste.  I ordered a full size and love it!"