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Topical Magnesium with Aloe Vera

Topical Magnesium with Aloe Vera

$ 39.95

Topical Magnesium with Aloe Vera

Option 1:  16 oz. Refill and Roll-On

Option 2:  16 oz. Spray and Roll-On 

Option 3:  Roll-On


**Contains 300 mgs of Magnesium Per Teaspoon...

More Than The Competitor Brands** 

Great For Sensitive Skin!!!!!  Aloe Softens and Smooths.

**Unlike Other Magnesium Gels and Oils On The Market, Healing Solutions Topical Magnesium with Aloe uses Pure Ingredients, No Fillers, No Seaweed Extract**


Deborah M.: "I just wanted to follow up with you on the Topical Magnesium I started using just a few short months ago. Under 4 months to be exact. Prior to purchasing it - I suffered from incredible muscle spasms. I am happy to report that I have only had one episode of spasms (after some very strenuous, repetitive motions with my arms) that was quickly handled spraying additional magnesium. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for your Facebook Iodine For Thyroid group and the unbelievable amount of information and knowledge I have obtained from it and you. I am thankful that I am now able to perform tasks that would previously cause me so much pain. Thank you so much Karen Fitzpatrick Dame"

Connie R.:  "By the way Karen Fitzpatrick Dame, many co-workers are complaining about their aches and pains doing the physical work we do. your magnesium oil because not only has it helped me with anxiety, but I also have degenerative disc disease in my neck and it helps so very much with the accompanying"

Edna M.:  "You have THE best topical mag. I'm now going to follow your suggestion of keeping it on my bedside table."

Heather B:  "My best friend had major back pain when I visited over Thanksgiving and I applied some of the Mag gel to her mid and lower back and within 5 minutes she was feeling no itching (some people are really sensitive). I twice that night and the next day she was blown pain or muscle tenderness or tightness. I left her 1/4 bottle and told her she needed to apply this to her whole family as often as possible (daily if possible)"

Karen Fitzpatrick Dame I wanted to follow up on this. It has helped me so much - I couldn't do any repetitive motions with my arms without 2 days of debilitating muscle spasms. They are gone now. I am even able to shovel snow - with no cramping muscles - no pain at all. Burning sensation is still there - when I initially apply - but not too bad. Thank you so much - would recommend this to everyone I know.   Deborah M.

Cinda:  "Our teenager was amazed at how quick this remedied his sore muscles from swim team workouts!"
Laura P. " I love this topical magnesium.  I was concerned because all of the other magnesium products I've tried, burn.  This one does not.  I'm thrilled!"
Connie R.:  "Karen - I did try the magnesium gel with Aloe I just received it two days ago and I must say, I really, really do like it. It does not sting, and it makes my feet and hands soft. Not greasy. This is an excellent idea. Topical is the best route for me and my sensitivities. I also have low stomach acid, so oral is not best for me with magnesium.  I like your idea because a one step process that really works!"
Pam H. From Montana:  "This stuff really works!!!!!"

Paula R. From Tennessee:  "I love my aloe mag gel! No burn, no sting, sleep like a baby..."

Mary F. From Delaware:  "I've always used Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil.  After using the Healing Solutions brand of Magnesium Gel, it's much better!"

Rebecca S. From Mass. " gel on my feet last night at bedtime and I slept all night!  First time in a very long time!!!!"

Laura G. From Tenn. "I have insomnia from peri-menopause and have trouble sleeping.  I the magnesium gel for a week now and I am sleeping through the night.  I'm so happy!!!

Karen Fitzpatrick Dame I just wanted to tell you that Magnesium Gel is AMAZING. I have suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps since my very first period (age 14). I was so happy to go on the pill in high school because my periods became very light and not at all painful. I then experimented with the DepoProvera shot (gained 30 lbs), NuvaRing and I was on my 2nd IUD (Mirena), when I instinctively decided that I wanted it OUT (this was prior to the 30+ hours of research I have since done on the harmful effects of synthetic hormones). The cramps returned with a vengeance, but I had learned enough to know that there was likely a natural remedy, which turned out to be #Magnesium. Magnesium! Huh? How can it be that simple? . At the first sign of cramps I start slathering on the Mag Gel all over my body. Okay, it itches like crazy, but after 10 minutes it goes away. After about 2 hours of rubbing the gel all over my body, the cramps disappear completely. I can't believe I lived my whole life calling out sick from school and work for 2 days of each month, when Magnesium is all I needed. If you have menstrual cramps (or athletic Horsespregnancy cramps in your calves), please give this a try (barring any condition that contraindicates Magnesium usage). Side note: the Magnesium Gel only itches when I rub it on my arms AND calves. It doesn't itch when I just put it on my belly and thighs. Thank you, Karen! You saved me from the next decade or so of pain!



Now we can add pancreatic cancer to the list of health issues magnesium prevents.

Magnesium benefits the heart in many important ways including supporting healthy blood pressure, preventing cardiac arrhythmia, and even preventing heart attacks and sudden cardiac death. Now, promising research published in the British Journal of Cancer suggests we can add another important magnesium benefit to that list—preventing pancreatic cancer.  

Dr. Daniel Dibaba, a PhD student at the School of Public Health-Bloomington, and his fellow researchers analyzed data collected in the VITAmins and Lifestyle included more than 66,000 men and women ages 50 to 76—looking at the relationship between magnesium consumption and pancreatic cancer. What they found is that there’s an inverse relationship between magnesium consumption and the risk of pancreatic cancer. 

Specifically, they found that there was a 24% increase in pancreatic cancer risk for every 100 mg-per-day decrease in magnesium consumption. So higher levels of magnesium were protective against pancreatic cancer—and this held true regardless of age, gender, body mass index,



Magnesium is an important nutrient for overall good health, especially for heart, thyroid and disease patients. According to Dr. , "Common deficiencies in Lyme: magnesium: has to be given transdermal or via injection. Oral Magnesium feeds spirochetes." So, when using magnesium, it is best to use it topically, not orally.


Topical Magnesium with Aloe Vera is silky and smooth, leaving your skin feeling more supple than before.  It is perfect for sensitive skin and less harsh than magnesium oil.  This can be a complete hair and body product. Cleanse and moisturize your skin and scalp while restoring vital Magnesium.  It is applied full strength to the skin and hair to restore lost minerals due to aging. You may experience tightness when applied to the skin, but it's a wonderful way to get magnesium into the body.  

Aloe Vera, one of nature's finest moisturizers, softens and revitalizes chapped, moisture-deprived skin while helping normal skin retain moisture. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries by many cultures by warriors like Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus to treat wounded soldier's wounds, Egyptian Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra used herb to create smooth, beautiful skin. Adding this to our Magnesium products creates a winning combination that soothes the it soft and supple with a healthy glow.

Topical Magnesium with Aloe Vera in this 16 oz. container, is silky and smooth ~ leaving skin more supple than before! The Topical Magnesium with Aloe is less harsh than the Magnesium Oil and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. From start to finish this is your complete hair and body product! Cleanse and moisturize your skin and scalp while restoring vital Magnesium. Topical Magnesium may be applied full strength to the skin and hair to restore lost minerals due to aging. You may experience tightness when applied to the skin ~ IT IS WONDERFUL! Added to this product is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera, one of nature's finest moisturizers, softens and revitalizes chapped, moisture-deprived skin while helping normal skin retain moisture. Adding this to our Magnesium products creates a winning combination that soothes the it soft and supple with a healthy glow.

1 part shampoo with 1 part gel and shampoo bathing or showering, apply to the pat full strength to hair before drying for added control when styling or for a more natural Magnesium Gel into the body to relieve stress & tension.

Personalize your free to personalize your Magnesium with Aloe Vera by adding essential oils or adding these to your favorite lotion or cream (preferably all natural!), even layering Coconut Oil for an exotic experience!! If using essential oils, remember to shake the blend every time you use it as the essential oils will separate from the Magnesium products! Enjoy!

 Magnesium and the Thyroid

The thyroid cannot function without magnesium. Here is a list of very important functions of magnesium and how it relates to your thyroid gland health.

  • Magnesium is responsible for converting the inactive T4 thyroid hormone into the active form of T3. This is extremely important because the metabolism of your body cells by T3, not inactive T4.

  • Magnesium deficiency is related to goiter, or an enlarged thyroid gland. Another important nutrient in preventing goiter is iodine, but magnesium is right there helping too.

  • Magnesium helps you to make more T4 in the thyroid gland. Without magnesium, many of the thyroid enzymes that make thyroid hormone simply could not function.

For supplementation for your thyroid and general health, there are two different categories of magnesium, depending on whether you have constipation or not.

If you have constipation, then Magnesium Citrate is best at a dose of 400 mg to 1000 mg to relieve constipation and start to increase magnesium stores.

If you do not have constipation, but many of the other symptoms, then take Magnesium Magnesium Taurate at a daily dose of 400 mg to 800 mg. These are two magnesium “amino acid chelates” that help you to increase magnesium stores and will not increase bowel motility for those that do not really need it.

 The rest of your body benefits from magnesium too. In fact, there are over 300 different enzymatic reactions in your body and cells that require magnesium. When magnesium to a host of problems:

  • Thyroid problems (low or high)

  • Headaches

  • Muscle aches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Tingling in the extremities

  • Raynaud’s Syndrome

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Personality changes

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Constipation

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart palpitations

  • To name a few…

symptoms sound familiar to you? For many people, they may be extremely familiar. It may be that many of you read that list of magnesium deficiency related signs and symptoms and discover that you have always thought it was related to your existing or suspected low thyroid condition. That still may be true. But it is also very important to note that the symptoms could be from a magnesium deficiency and/or hypothyroidism (low thyroid) from the magnesium deficiency. Either way, magnesium can help you and your thyroid.


Magnesium Gel w/Aloe Vera Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, Purified Water, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Oil

****Caution:  Individuals with KIDNEY (renal) FAILURE should NEVER use any form of magnesium. ****