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Pure White Tea with REAL Lemon (Thyroid Health, Insulin Health, Weight Loss)

Pure White Tea with REAL Lemon (Thyroid Health, Insulin Health, Weight Loss)

$ 24.95

Pure White Tea with REAL Lemon

Organic - Low Caffeine

**Special Blends of White Teas Target Thyroid Health,

Insulin Resistance and Weight Loss

(Grown and Harvested Domestically)


This blend of Pure White teas are harvested during the spring season in the infancy of the plant. Its leaves and buds are picked just before they are fully open, when they’re covered in fine white hairs. 
Pure White tea is the least processed of all the teas that come from these plants. Because of this, they retain a high amount of antioxidants.  
This special blend of Pure White Tea Leaves with REAL Lemon, boosts the levels of antioxidants and health constituents and are increased by more than triple in its antioxidant levels!
Pure White Tea with REAL Lemon is by far the tea that is highest in antioxidants . It is blended specifically to target Thyroid Health, Insulin Resistance, Weight Loss and as an added bonus, it is great for improving Oral Health too!

This is why studies have linked white tea with many health benefits. It has been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease, combat skin aging, improve oral health, insulin resistance, cancer prevention and even help with weight loss.


4.0 oz Pure White Tea with Real Lemon ( least 40+ cups), PLUS

Reusable Environmentally Friendly Steeping Bags