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Magnesium STRESS ROLLER and Refill

Magnesium STRESS ROLLER and Refill

$ 36.95

Stress Roller And Refill 

Topical Magnesium with Aloe Vera

Roller is Reusable AND Refillable!!!



Sleep, Relaxation, Muscle Pain Relief,

Raises Cellular Magnesium Level, FAST!

Great For Sensitive Skin!!!!!  Aloe Softens and Smooths.

**Unlike Other Topical Magnesium Gels and Oils On The Market, Healing Solutions Topical Magnesium with Aloe Vera uses Pure Ingredients, No Fillers, No Seaweed Extract and Contains 300mg Per Teaspoon of Magnesium!!!**


New Roll On Topical Magnesium with Aloe Vera Is The Perfect Travel Size Magnesium.  Throw It In Your Purse, Your Pocket, Your Glove Box.  

Take It With You For Relief Of Tension, Stress, Aches And Pains.

**This 1 oz. Size Is REUSABLE AND REFILLABLE.  Just Pop Off The Roller Ball and Refill From Your 16 oz. Full Sized Topical Magnesium Bottle.**


Deborah M.: "I just wanted to follow up with you on the Topical Magnesium I started using just a few short months ago. Under 4 months to be exact. Prior to purchasing it - I suffered from incredible muscle spasms. I am happy to report that I have only had one episode of spasms (after some very strenuous, repetitive motions with my arms) that was quickly handled spraying additional magnesium. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for your Facebook Iodine For Thyroid group and the unbelievable amount of information and knowledge I have obtained from it and you. I am thankful that I am now able to perform tasks that would previously cause me so much pain. Thank you so much Karen Fitzpatrick Dame"

Connie R.:  "By the way Karen Fitzpatrick Dame, many co-workers are complaining about their aches and pains doing the physical work we do. Im spreading the word about your magnesium oil because not only has it helped me with anxiety, but I also have degenerative disc disease in my neck and it helps so very much with the accompanying achiness."

Edna M.:  "You have THE best topical mag. I'm now going to follow your suggestion of keeping it on my bedside table."

Heather B:  "My best friend had major back pain when I visited over Thanksgiving and I applied some of the Mag gel to her mid and lower back and within 5 minutes she was feeling better...and no itching (some people are really sensitive). I reapplied twice that night and the next day she was blown away...zero pain or muscle tenderness or tightness. I left her 1/4 bottle and told her she needed to apply this to her whole family as often as possible (daily if possible)"

Karen Fitzpatrick Dame I wanted to follow up on this. It has helped me so much - I couldn't do any repetitive motions with my arms without 2 days of debilitating muscle spasms. They are gone now. I am even able to shovel snow - with no cramping muscles - no pain at all. Burning sensation is still there - when I initially apply - but not too bad. Thank you so much - would recommend this to everyone I know.   Deborah M.

Laura P. " I love this topical magnesium.  I was concerned because all of the other magnesium products I've tried, burn.  This one does not.  I'm thrilled!"

Connie R.:  "Karen - I did try the magnesium gel with Aloe I just received it two days ago and I must say, I really, really do like it. It does not sting, and it makes my feet and hands soft. Not greasy. This is an excellent idea. Topical is the best route for me and my sensitivities. I also have low stomach acid, so oral is not best for me with magnesium.  I like your idea because its a one step process that really works!"

Pam H. From Montana:  "This stuff really works!!!!!"

Paula R. From Tennessee:  "I love my aloe mag gel! No burn, no sting, sleep like a baby..."

Mary F. From Delaware:  "I've always used Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil.  After using the Healing Solutions brand of Magnesium Gel, it's sooooo much better!"

Rebecca S. From Mass. "Hi , I put the mag gel on my feet last night at bedtime and I slept all night!  First time in a very long time!!!!"

Laura G. From Tenn. "I have insomnia from peri-menopause and have trouble sleeping.  I used the magnesium gel for a week now and I am sleeping through the night.  I'm so happy!!!




 Caution: Individuals with Kidney Failure shoud NEVER use any form of Magnesium

Magnesium Gel w/Aloe Vera Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, Purified Water, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Oil