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LAB TESTS You Can Order Without A Doctor

LAB TESTS You Can Order Without A Doctor

$ 198.00

Need Labs? 

You Can Run Tests Without Your Doctor's Order.

 Healing Solutions Health Gives You The Options You Need, Without Getting Your Doctor Involved.

All Labs Are Cash Pay. If Needed, I Will Provide A Receipt With Coding For You To Submit To Your Insurance.


*BLOOD DRAW:  Thyroid, Hormones, Insulin, MTHFR, Inhalent

(Drawing Stations In Your Town, Or Phlebotomist Sent To Your Home)

* FINGER PRICK BLOOD SAMPLE:  Food Sensitivity, MicroNutrient, Food Additives, Fungal Antibodies

*URINE SAMPLE:  Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins, MycoToxins, Organic Acids

*STOOL:  Gut Microbiome


*IF YOU DON'T SEE A TEST YOU WOULD LIKE TO RUN, EMAIL ME @ HealingSolutionsHealth@gmail.com.