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PH Balancer (To Be Used After 60 Day Detox)

PH Balancer (To Be Used After 60 Day Detox)

$ 65.96

Core + PH Balancer

To Be Used After 60 Day Detox

(1 Quart/Price Includes Shipping)


  • pHBALANCER includes The Gift from Mother Earth Humic and Fulvic and the baseline of the minerals, elements, and vitamins they naturally carry.
  • pHBALANCER also includes COMPREHENSIVE WELLNESS providing over 310 of the Earth’s finest natural ingredients. You can’t buy a better multivitamin, multimineral whole food supplement for nutritional support.
  • pHBALANCER also includes OsteoWellness – Nutrition Formula, providing extra minerals and co-factors such as vitamin K2 and extra vitamin D3 to support healthy mineral metabolism.
  • pHBALANCER also includes a Special Alkalizing Group that includes important elements such as minerals, vitamins, herbals, and botanicals known to help balance the pH of the body.

Notes on Taking pHBALANCER™ Red Formula.

  • pHBALANCER should be taken with a full glass of pure, non-chlorinated water.
  • pHBALANCER does need to be refrigerated after opening.
  • Shelf life is nine months unopened, but it is best when used as fresh as possible.
  • Only HDPE Pharmaceutical-grade plastics are used by Mother Earth Labs.

Instructions:  Take 1 oz/day